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As a teacher, you work hard to offer the best learning opportunities to the children in your classroom. We know that can be challenging, which is why we like to promote to our staff some of the benefits schemes which are available exclusively for teachers.

LB Hounslow Employee Benefits

The London Borough of Hounslow offers all employees a number of benefits. These include a range of discounts and exclusive offers with local and national companies.


  • Theatre and restaurant offers,
  • Discount on gym membership, sports and activities
  • Tax-free childcare vouchers
  • Healthcare services
  • Cash-back plans, discounts on financial services and Wills

For more information on the full range of services, drop us a line at 


Cycle To Work and Try Before Your Bike

Cycle to Work is available to all staff at Hounslow.

By using the scheme to get a bike, you’ll benefit from tax savings.  Once you redeem your voucher, your gross salary will be reduced by the amount necessary to repay the cost of the bike over a 12 month period. 

At the end of the term, you will be offered the option to extend the hire of the bike at no extra charge.

Try Before You Bike is a scheme run for residents in Hounslow through Peddle My Wheels, but as employees you are also able to access it.  Through the scheme, you and your family can try a bike for a monthly fee. If you like the bike, you can then buy it at a discounted price or continue to pay monthly until you own it (an interest free monthly payment).

Any arrangements made are between you and Peddle My Wheel and the payments are not connected to your salary.

For more information on either scheme please contact 


Join a Teaching Union

Teachers can join any of the following unions. These may have benefits and offers available to new and existing members, including home and car insurance packages, utilities rates and mortgage advice.

In the UK the main teaching unions are:


Education Support Network:

The Education Support Network are the only UK charity dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of teachers and educations staff in schools, colleges and universities. 

Education Support, supporting teachers and education staff

Hounslow also offers a Confidential Employee Counselling Service - for more information please see our Corporate Benefits page or email


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