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ECT Induction

The Early Career Framework

Your ECT Induction period is the final stage of your qualification and one where the level of support around you is essential to your success. 

Successfully completing your induction period is a statutory requirement, if you wish to pursue a career in the maintained sector.

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching. It combines a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue, underpinned by the Early Career Framework, with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the Teachers’ Standards.

The Early Career Framework builds on Initial Teacher Training and provides a platform for future development over a two-year period and is essential for completion of Qualified Teacher Status.

Our schools will ensure that the programme supports you and provides the necessary training to ensure that you can demonstrate that your performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory by the end of the period. Induction should provide you with a foundation and equip you with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

You will be provided with a suitable monitoring and support programme, structured to meet your professional development needs.

This will include:

  • a programme of training that supports you to understand and apply the knowledge and skills set out in the Early Career Framework’s evidence statements and practice statements;
  • regular one to one mentoring sessions from a designated mentor, who has the time and ability to carry out the role effectively;
  • support and guidance from a designated induction tutor, who has the time and ability to carry out the role effectively;
  • observation of your teaching with written feedback provided;
  • professional reviews of progress conducted by the induction tutor, to set and review development targets against the Teachers’ Standards; and
  • an opportunity to observe experienced teachers, either in your own institution or in another institution, where effective practice has been identified.

All ECTs are entitled to 10% reduced timetable in the first year and 5% in the second year for professional development.

Teaching School Hubs

Schools in Hounslow  work closely with our local Teaching School Hub (TSH).  TSHs are centres of excellence led by schools and multi-academy trusts, they offer teacher training and professional development for teachers and leaders at all stages of their career. They are the main Appropriate Body (AB) providers from September 2024.

The quality assurance of statutory induction, through the role of the AB, is important both for ensuring that schools provide adequate support for their ECTs, and that their assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions.

Schools can choose from three approaches to enable the delivery of an ECF based induction, these are:

  1. A funded provider-led programme: Schools can choose to work with providers accredited by the Department for Education who will design and deliver a programme of face-to-face and online training to ECTs and their mentors.  Schools can select lead providers with delivery partners, accredited by the DfE, who will provide a comprehensive programme for the delivery of the two- year induction programme. This programme is funded by the Department for Education.
  2. Schools deliver their own training using DfE accredited materials and resources: They use freely available DfE accredited materials, which includes ready to use materials and resources for new teachers and mentors, to deliver their own ECT and mentor support.
  3. Schools design and deliver their own two-year induction programme for ECTs based on the ECF.

As an ECT in our schools, you can be sure of support as you progress in your career. If you are looking for your next role and wish to complete the ECF, ask your chosen school about their Induction process.

For more information about ECT Induction or the Induction Assessment process, please call 020 8583 4146 or email

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