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Senior Leaders

If you are thinking of a career in senior leadership, then look no further. In Hounslow, we believe in investing in our staff. As a senior leader in one of our schools, you can rely on us to support you every step of the way.

Senior Leadership recruitment

Our Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher vacancies are advertised via our Jobs page and regularly updated.

Job alerts 

You can sign up to our vacancy bulletin to have details of the latest opportunities sent straight to you. 

We are constantly working on ways to attract and retain one of our most valued resources – our senior leaders. Through our recruitment and induction processes we ensure that you can be sure of beginning a rewarding career with Hounslow with the skills and support you need to succeed. 

Senior Leadership support

As a senior leader, the support and advice you receive can be extremely important in helping you grow your school. The Schools Workforce Development Team is part of the wider School Effectiveness Service in the Children’s and Adults’ Services department.

School Effectiveness Service and Hounslow Learning Partnership

School Effectiveness is about raising standards and promoting and disseminating best practice. A central team supports school self-review and peer-review, evaluation and development, and manages locally agreed processes to ensure effective’ school-to-school support. Our CPD activities and programme support improvement against current priorities, meaning we are in a key position to help you and your school.

Local professionals, working together

Schools are engaged in rigorous peer challenge, which informs decisions about resourcing and priorities across the Partnership. Support is carefully brokered between schools to ensure we use the strengths in one school to address areas for development in another. We also draw on National and Local Leaders of Education and Governance, the local Teaching School Alliance, Academy Trusts, the local authority’s traded services, and other support nationally and internationally. These sources of school improvement support are brought together as the HLP School Improvement Support Offer in a Directory of Services.

The Council supports innovation and collaboration through its ‘Innovation Fund’. This stimulates a wide range of projects to address key priorities such as ‘narrowing the achievement gap’. Many of these are cross-phase initiatives, with significant benefits to transition for Hounslow pupils.

Together this expertise and knowledge provides our senior leaders with information, communication and a network of guidance and best practice. As a senior leader in Hounslow, we provide these services throughout your career with us.

Hounslow EIP

Hounslow’s Education Improvement Partnership (EIP) is Hounslow’s “family of schools” and includes the majority of primary, secondary and special schools as well as FE College, West Thames. Newly established free schools have also joined the group. The overall aim of the EIP is to raise standards and to support partnership working between schools.

The EIP organises a wide range of meetings including meetings for headteachers in partnership groups, strategic and operational groups for 14-19 education, various groups relating to Behaviour and Attendance, groups to support SEN processes and curriculum networks. The overall philosophy is that all schools take a collective responsibility for all of the young people who are educated in the borough and this concept guides all decision making and collaborative working.

For more information please contact the School Effectiveness Service 

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